I’m SO Excited!

Why am I so excited you ask? We will be at the 8th Annual Women’s Wine and Chocolate Walk Downtown Middletown this year in Vendor Alley! Check out the Facebook Event Page and buy your … Read More

Simply You

Some pretty monumental things have been happening lately and I became inspired to create! I named all of my first round of custom made ‘Simply You’ Necklaces after some awesome women in history from all … Read More

Where Do I Start?

Fall, where did you go? This Autumn season was definitely one for the books! We have been so busy- tradeshows, craft markets, wholesale orders, product testing……. I first want to thank Cassie Dyer of JellyDoodles … Read More

It’s Pumpkin Time

Hello! Hello! Hello! So sorry for not keeping up with the blog! I had a few big wholesale orders come in that needed my attention but I have a few great announcements for Boundless! HEY … Read More

Stick to it!

This week’s mantra is ‘Stick to it’. Though the photo in the post is of my lovely daughter using my face as a sticker book, ‘Stick to it’ comes from our plan at Boundless to … Read More

Get Social!

[Insert Shameless Plug Here] Hey Everyone! Right now we are in a ‘soft launch mode’, but we are still coming out stronger than expected! I wanted to take a moment to thank all of our … Read More

Hello, Boundless!

First post! I hope you are as pumped as I am! I get asked sometimes, “Why ‘boundless’? What does it mean?”. Well, what better way to kick off our blog page with a good old … Read More