Hello, Boundless!

First post! I hope you are as pumped as I am! I get asked sometimes, “Why ‘boundless’? What does it mean?”. Well, what better way to kick off our blog page with a good old fashioned ‘origin story’. On the website, you can see one of the definitions of ‘boundless’ – BOUNDLESS -Unlimited, or immense, limitless, endless, unbounded, inexhaustible, illimitable. In the search for the perfect name for my shop, I came across this word and definition. I was drawn to it. I wanted to ‘know no bounds’ in my endeavor to launch an amazing shop/store. I wanted ‘endless’ possibilities of products and styles! But, mostly, I wanted my customers and clients to know that they can live ‘boundless’ as well! I want you to feel empowered wearing one of our newest tops. I want you to feel comfortable in that super cute shirt. You can find the perfect gift- at an affordable price! I want you to know that the possibilities of anything are limitless. Just like I launched this ever-changing, trendy, and affordable boutique online- you too, can live and enjoy boundless!

Crystal Saltzmann