Stick to it!

This week’s mantra is ‘Stick to it’. Though the photo in the post is of my lovely daughter using my face as a sticker book, ‘Stick to it’ comes from our plan at Boundless to keep our product lineup interesting and new! We have some really neat products getting ready to roll out and we will certainly be sure to let you know when they’re live! As always, if you have a question on a specific product or even a request on a customized item, be sure to fill out our contact form. We have had a few individuals reach out about some our ‘Out of Stock’ items, specifically our jewelry and accessories. We have plans to keep our most popular pieces in stock; however, some styles may go ‘Out of Stock’ and never come back! No worries, we always keep our selections fresh and trendy. So, if you see something you like that has a limited stock, you may want to snag it before someone else does! Have a great day and no matter what your plan is this week, be sure to ‘Stick to it!’.

Crystal Saltzmann